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Air Motor Savings Solution - 05/08/17

A tubular steel manufacturer for wind towers was having issues with an Atlas Copco air motor. The air motor would only last approximately 3 months and delivery of the motor was 5 weeks; the customer was replacing one motor every 1-1/2 to 2 weeks. Besides the down time, the customer had an expensive motor that they had to keep multiples on their shelf for spares.

After contacting Atlas Copco to find out if the motor could be sold through distribution, Bearing Headquarters learned that the motor was proprietary to the OEM. After researching and trying several options, the customer finally settled on a Boston Gear air motor. The Boston Gear motor was not self lubricating but because the customer already had a lube route for the machines, lubricating the Boston Gear air motor would only add a couple of minutes every week to the route. Also, Boston Gear stocks the air motors at the factory so the customer reduced inventory by 6 motors and only stocks 2 motors on their shelf.

Benefit and Cost Savings:
The Boston Gear motors have lasted twice as long as the Atlas Copco air motors and the Boston Gear are about $1,000.00 each less expensive. The customer has less down-time because the motor lasts longer, the customer has less inventory carrying cost, and the customer is paying less per motor. The cost savings from the motor lasting twice as long and the reduced price is over $42,000.00 per year.

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