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Internal Shops Allowed BHQ To Provide Better Service To Our Customers - 07/03/17

Automated Case packer machine went down in food plant. Dodge gearbox failed and stopped the unit from running. Plant needed replacement asap, OEM replacement gearbox delivery time was three weeks.

BHQ Solution:
After going over the Dodge Spec sheet BHQ was able to offer a Cone Drive unit. We contacted our Enclosed Gearing Assembly Division (EGAD), Gears and Sprockets, late afternoon and we were able to pick up the gearbox early the following morning. We delivered to the customer by 10:00AM.

Benefit and Cost Savings:
Customer back up and running within twenty hours. Cost savings over OEM $1200.00 Production time savings 10,000. 00 (day) x 5 days per week x 15 days = $150,000.00

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