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Custom Gearbox Solution - 07/10/17

A saw OEM that buys direct from a gearbox manufacturer had a customer that was broke down for a gearbox. The end-user has increased the load on the saw and has failed many gearboxes. The OEM has sent several gearboxes to the end-user but none of the boxes have lasted. The original gearbox was rated for a 3 HP motor and the gearbox was failing before the motor would stall.

The BHQ salesman was calling on the engineering department of the OEM when the end user called with the most recent failure. The gearbox manufacturer could not offer a solution that would help the customer in less than 4 days. The price for the 4 day lead time was an additional 25%. The end-user needed to be running the next day at the latest.

Through Gears and Sprockets, BHQ was able to have a Radicon gearbox built from components in stock. The call to Gears and Sprockets was placed at 11:15am and by the end of the day Gears and Sprockets shipped the gearbox UPS Next Day Air direct to the end-user. The new gearbox is rated for a 5HP motor and the motor should stall or trip before the gearbox fails.

The customer was able to get the gearbox the next day and not have additional days of downtime.

Benefit and Cost Savings:
The end-user was able to save 4 days of downtime and hopefully have a gearbox that won’t fail when running with the additional load.

4 days of downtime X 16 hours per day = 64 hours of downtime
64 hours of downtime X $500.00 per hour = $32,000.00

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