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From Up-and-Running to Peak Performance

At BHQ, service is not just something we offer; it's part of who we are. As the Service First company, we don't stop working for you once the order is received. We do everything needed, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to ensure your satisfaction. This includes providing comprehensive services that help streamline management and reduce costs, making your business more competitive, more productive and more profitable.

BHQ Express: Upload your order on our ecommerce site; ready to serve you 24/7.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): Connect your purchasing department to our computer system; save time and money.

Integrated Supply/Storeroom Management: Reduce procurement costs with the most efficient Supply Chain processes available.

Documented Cost Savings: Let us measure and verify your savings in writing.

Data Cleansing Technologies: Increase accuracy and save time with clean data.

Industrial Buyers Consortium (IBC): Access BHQ products and services anywhere in the country through our IBC affiliation.

Technical Support and Training: Attend seminars led by the industry’s top supplier trainers.

Bearing Manual Interchange Guide: Easily cross-reference parts and manufacturers in our comprehensive bearing encyclopedia.

Export Services/International Sales: We ship to customer's around the world. Contact our Indianapolis, IN location for further information.