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Rexnord logo

Bearing Headquarters is a proud distributor of Rexnord.

Rexnord Website

Product categories available from Rexnord:
Bevel Speed Reducers 
Chain Couplings
Cycloidal Speed Reducers 
Diaphragm Couplings
Disc Couplings 
Gear Couplings
Gear Spindles 
Grid Couplings
Helical Speed Reducers 
In Line Speed Reducers
Jaw Type Couplings 
Metal Bellows Couplings
Metal Membrane Couplings 
Miniature Couplings
Parallel Shaft Speed Reducers 
Planetary Speed Reducers
S Flex Couplings 
Servo Speed Reducers
Shaft Mount Speed Reducers 
Torsional Couplings
U Joints 
Worm Gear Speed Reducers
Belt Tensioners
Flat Belt Pulleys 
Idler Pulleys
Plastic Pulleys 
Poly V Pulleys
Spring Loaded Pulleys 
Timing Belt Pulleys
V Belt Pulleys 
Variable Speed Pulleys
Dual Speed HTD Belts 
Dual Speed Timing Belts
HTD Belts 
Panther Series Belts
Poly Chain Belts 
Timing Belts
Banded V Belts 
FHP Belts
Poly V Belts 
Specialty V Belts
V Belts 
Chain Attachments
Chain Connectors 
Chain Guides
Chain Lubricants 
Chain Offsets
Chain Pullers 
Chain Tensioners
Enginnering Class Chains 
Agricultural Chain
Cast Steel Chain 
Chain Tools
Corrosion Resistant Roller Chain 
Double Pitch Chain
Flat Top Chain 
Hoist Chain
Leaf Chain 
Lift Chain
Matte Top Chain 
Oil Field Chain
O-Ring Chain 
Oven Pin chain
Pintel Chain 
Roller Chain
Stainless Steel Chain 
Engineering Class Sprockets
Idler Sprockets 
Miniature Sprockets
Plastic Sprockets 
Roller Chain Sprockets
Special / MTO Sprockets 
Stainless Steel Sprockets
Conveyor Chain 
Conveyor Pulleys
Conveyor Sprockets 
Conveyor Drives
Conveyor Rollers 
Bulk Conveyors
Bulk Handling Systems 
Unit Conveyors
Unit Handling Systems 
Beveled Gears
Change Gears 
Fiber Gears
Gear Racks 
Hearing Bone Gears
Helical Gears 
Miter Gears
Special Gears 
Spur Gears
Idler Bushings 
Keyless Bushings
QD Bushings 
Split Taper Bushings
Taper Lock Bushings 
Shaft Collars
Split Bearing Units
Flat Belts 
Drag Chain
Silent Chain Drives 
Conveyor Screws
Silent Chain Drives 
Set Collars